FAI is manned by the following volunteer officers:


Ban Montoya

Benito Miranda
1st Vice President 

Mercy Jalandoni
2nd Vice President 

Cirilo Pinlac, Jr.

Jim Apelar
Recruitment & Coordination 

Jerry Cablayan

Winston Emano
Public Relations 

Douglas Bautista
IT & Comm 


As we grow in resources and manpower of dedicated volunteers, we can expect to rise in levels of competition within a variety of additional team sports including men’s and women’s indoor volleyball, soccer, gymnastics and other sports. A huge undertaking with lofty goals begins at the most grassroots level. We need you help. They need your help. If you know of a Filipino athlete with competitive skills on the grammar school, high school, collegiate, post-collegiate and club level, we’d like to know about them as well. We are likewise interested in coaches and consultants in their respective fields and sports to join our staff in helping strengthen the Filipino athletic talent pool. Please refer them to us, or better yet drop us an e-mail and we will be in contact with that individual. Please spread the word!