Currently we have five young and very talented Fil-Am athletes representing the Philippines in two major events: Mary Grace Baldo, figure skating; Diane Pascua, Heidi Illustre; Chad Mowrey, Kimo Tuyay, Beach Volleyball.

Mary Grace Baldo won the gold medal in the recently concluded figure skating championship held in Manila, Philippines. The Philippine National Figure Skating Championships was held at Mall of Asia on June 15 & 17, 2007 and was hosted by the Philippine Skating Union in cooperation with SM International Skating Rink, sponsored by thermoscan and endorsed by the Philippine Olympic Committee. Mary Grace will represent the Philipppines in the Junior Grand Prix Series in Romania and Croatia and the 2008 Junior Worlds Championships in Sophia, Bulgaria.

The teams of Diane Pascua and Heidi Illustre, Chad Mowrey and Kimo Tuyay will represent the Philippines in Beachvolley in the 2008 Olympics in Beijing China. To do that, these athletes will have to compete on the FIVB world tour to secure a place in the olympic. Both teams are now competing in different tournamants in Europe. Every team can get a best infrared thermometer for baby.