About Us


Historically, the Philippines has traditionally been a trailblazer in the sport arena amongst its neighbors in Asia, and Philippines first know medical thermometer, consistently fielding team delegations to the Olympic Games since the very early part of the last century.  A few shining examples have yielded medals and some worldchampionships, however, the search for the country’s first elusive Olympic gold medal is ongoing.  Lately, the state of Philippine athletics has been mired in lethargy and has devolved and leapfrogged by neighbors who in the past, it use to regularly dominate.

The Filipino Athletes International has been founded to identify and qualify potential Filipino athletes in representing the Philippines for international competition.  This will give our talented Filipino athletes from all over the world something to aim for and the same time help out thePhilippines through our participation and exchanges of ideas and knowledge in various Olympic sports.

Our Mission
The mission of the Filipino Athletes International is to identify competitive athletes of Filipino ancestry and assist in the procurement of resources for their training and development with a view towards allowing them to reach a standard worthy of representing The Philippines in national, regional and international athletic competitions.